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Visitor Information

Playing at The National

The National Golf Club is a private golf club. Victorian residents who are not members and wish to play must be invited and play with a club member.  

Interstate and overseas visitors can request a tee time by filling in the form below. A letter of introduction will be requested from your home club. 


Green fees are charged per round and guests may play up to 36 holes in one day.

View Current Green Fees Here


Members and visitors must abide by the dress regulations and are expected to honour the etiquette of the game.

Staff are instructed to enforce the dress code and visitors will not be able to gain access to the Club unless the code is adhered to.

View Dress Regulations Here

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Course Care & Pace of Play

For the enjoyment of all golfers please take note of the following notes on Course Care & Pace of Play when playing at The National.


Before leaving a bunker, a player should carefully rake and smooth over all impressions and footprints and then leave the rake at the lowest reachable points with the handle pointing toward the tee of the hole being played.

  1. Always enter the bunker at the lowest point.
  2. Rake towards yourself as you exit the bunker.
  3. Rake other affected areas, regardless of how they came to be.
  4. Do not pile sand at the edge of the bunker. Push back excess sand, using the back of the rake on downslopes.


Always repair your pitch-marks and any others that you see from a previous player. Immediate repair of damage to greens has a material impact upon their recovery.

  1. Always start at the back of the mark and push forward with the repairer.
  2. Use repairer around all sides and slowly ease turf toward the centre of the mark. Do not lift the soil upwards, as this damages the roots.
  3. Lightly tap down with putter.


  1. Remove any loose turf from the affected area.
  2. Knock in all sides of the edge of the divot.
  3. Fill divot with sand, and tap with your foot to the surrounding level.


The following tips can help you keep pace with the group in front of you at all times. 

  • Be ready to hit when it is your turn
  • Limit practice swings
  • Take plenty of clubs with you to your ball when leaving your bag or cart
  • Consider all options as you approach your ball to make decisions quickly
  • Watch all balls until they stop rolling to avoid lengthy searches
  • All players should go directly to their own ball and play when ready
  • NOTE: If you do fall behind, let faster groups behind play through. 

The following indicates what is generally considered a reasonable pace of play:

  • Stableford/Par – 4 hours 5 minutes
  • Stroke – 4 hours 15 minutes